Cavemomma’s rendition of Civilized Caveman’s B.O.A.R.S. chicken

BOARS Chicken (2)

As most of you are aware, we have seven children. There are very rare moments when all seven agree on one thing, especially when it comes to food. So we have embarked on a journey to find at least 10 meals everyone loves to put into the dinner rotation every week. Yeah, I know. But this one actually passed the test. PHEW! It is a quicker, easier, mom-friendly version of Civilized Caveman’s B.O.A.R.S. Chicken.

I first tried this recipe about a year ago, and instantly fell in love. It is such an amazing blend of flavors! B.O.A.R.S. stands for Bacon (you had me at bacon…), Onion, Apple, Rosemary, and Spinach. I know, right? Weird! But trust me when I tell you, this one is a crowd favorite. The only problem I had with it was it took far too much time for a mommy with a full-time job, full-time nursing school, and all those kiddos chomping at the bit around dinner time! By then, they are staaaaaaaaaaarrrrrviiiiinnnnnnnggggg!! ūüėČ

One night I came home and only had a few minutes to whip up some dinner but didn’t want to just bake some plain old chicken and veggies. So, I improvised. I threw some cut up pieces of bacon in the pan, and when it was almost done, took it out. Cut the chicken into strips, and threw it in the hot bacon fat with the lid on, cooking that until it was almost done. Then I threw in the apples, rosemary, dash of lemon juice and onions, and cooked until slightly soft. ¬†I saved the spinach for last because it takes only a few seconds to wilt. ¬†While the chicken was cooking, I cut up some cauliflower, pulsed it through the food processor a couple of times until it was ricey-looking, then threw it in¬†a bowl, covered with a paper towel and cooked for 5 minutes. ¬†Amazeballs chicken over cauli rice in under 20 minutes. ¬†Boom. Dinner.

I will try in my crazy schedule to get at least one recipe each week that is super fast and kid friendly up for all of the insanely busy parents (or people who want healthy food, but ‘aint got time for that’….Let me know what you think!

Man, it’s good to be back!



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