Book Review: “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo

The Paleo book to beat all Paleo books.

Wow!! It’s been quite a month at our cave. When I received the preview copy of this book I was in awe of its beauty, and promptly sat down to try to read it. But I have kids. So, I read some of it and set it aside.  Then, as it so often does, life happened and  weeks slipped by. I took the book with me to work every day, read parts, and made some of the recipes, but I just couldn’t find the right timing or the right words to write this review. So, here it is, 2 days til release, and I am finally “finished” reading the book and can review it. Finished in quotations because, as you will see when you get your copy, you don’t ever finish this book. You read it over and over, reference it every time you have a question, and use the back half to meal plan and make your recipes.

Sunday afternoons, as you may recall, are our meal planning days. This past week, we sat down with Practical Paleo as a family and oooh’d and ahhhh’d over all the awesome recipes and pictures. The kids were having trouble narrowing down what they wanted to try in the first week. When we got to the bacon brownies, the world stopped, and KaLynn looked up at me with her wide brown eyes and said “Birthday Cake. THIS is what we’re doing for my birthday cake.”. So, we narrowed it down to 7 dinner recipes and they were all delicious and EVERYONE liked them. First. Time. Ever.

We all read through some of the highlighted lessons in the book together, which was an awesome way for me to teach them more about nutrition without boring them to tears. Hey, even I get bored to tears if someone is lecturing me. They giggled through the “guide to: your poop!” section, but they did learn a lot and even talked about that one time they had that.

Trying to come up with my favorite parts of this book is impossible. There is nothing I DON’T love about it. It’s absolutely stunning. It’s funny. It keeps you engaged by all the awesome information but it is even perfect for those of us with ADD that just want to skip to the good parts – Diane really takes the time to break down the important parts in little “cliffs notes” at the end of each chapter.

One of the best parts about Diane’s knowledge is that she recognizes Paleo as a framework, not one specific plan for every person. There are 30 day meal plans for EVERY DIFFERENT need: Athletic Performance, Fat loss, heart health, neurological health, MS, Fibromyalgia, Chronic Fatigue, even Cancer recovery to name a few. Every meal plan comes with a color coded key for ingredients, whether or not the recipe contains nuts, eggs, nightshades or FODMAPS. She seriously thought of every single possible thing. She’s a freaking genius. All I keep thinking is WOW, this must have taken her FOREVER, there is nothing left out.  She teaches us how to cut things properly for heaven’s sake. Really.

The recipes in this book are so gourmet, diverse, and delicious, that when I was looking through the pictures the first time I kept thinking, “oh, great, more fancy-schmancy recipes I’ll never get around to making”, but as I began to read through the actual ingredients and instructions, they were SO simple! This woman is speaking my language! Who, in this time, has hours to cook gourmet meals? Not this cavemomma. Coolest thing ever? The tear-out guides at the end. No lugging a huge book the grocery store with you or writing out extensive lists. Just tear em out, keep them in your car, and BAM! Preparedness.

From a totally different perspective, I work in a doctor’s office and am a full-time nursing student. I have taken ‘nutrition’ classes (very SAD what they’re teaching our future healthcare workers) and I’ve listened to patients tell me all about their Dr. Oz diets and their laundry list of ailments. Fortunately, I have a great doc with an open mind and he’s allowed me to teach him and my patients the truth about real food and I have already begun to use this book along with others as a reference tool. I am a big fan of a few books, but this one stuns me with its ease-of-use and knowledge accessibility. I’m pretty sure I’ve sold several copies right in our office just by showing it off. I have had a few patients come back already to tell me they’ve eliminated grains, legumes, processed food and most dairy from their lives and are shocked at how much better they feel. Diane, you have no idea how many lives you will reach with this book as one by one people grown to love this book as their go-to food bible. Thank you for that.

If you haven’t preordered your copy, I encourage you to do so now. Amazon has an awesome price on this priceless gem. It officially releases August 7th, and I’ve already ordered several  for Christmas presents, birthday gifts, and a few to hand out in our office. You will be SO happy you did!!

In honor of reaching 3,000 fans this week, and the release of my new favorite book, I will be giving one copy away! “Like” Cavemomma on Facebook, follow me on twitter @thecavemomma  and leave a comment below telling me why you want this book, and SHARE THIS GIVEAWAY/REVIEW on your page – on the honor system. More than one comment will not give you extra entries.I’ll announce the winner next Sunday night. Thank you so much for taking the time to be my fan 🙂 I appreciate you!


21 thoughts on “Book Review: “Practical Paleo” by Diane Sanfilippo

  1. I already pre-ordered my book in March, ordered another for my parents too. I would love to give a book to one of my friends. Like your page and follow you on twitter!

  2. I am very anxious and excited to get this new book. I started my journey to health a little late in life and have been paleo since February. I’ve lost 60 pounds and feel amazing. I was going to do the diet for one month but it’s already been six and I’m not going back.

  3. follow Cavemomma on facebook and twitter I have preordered this book for the new insight to the great way of eating. Can wait for some new fresh recipes she has been t4easing us with

  4. I only recently began reading about Paleo. Well, it seems only recently, but perhaps that’s just b/c time flies…I’ve been working full time and finishing pre-requisites needed to apply for nursing school. What you said about the required nutrition classes made me laugh, b/c it’s true! As for why I want the book, I’m single w/ two kids and it sounds like something that would make shopping/planning/explaining easy. Tear out guides to take to the store? Great! But the fact that everyone, kids included, liked all seven dinners that were picked out?!? I MUST try this b/c I have tried recipes from 2 different paleo books and several websites and I have YET to find something we all agree on (I like almost everything, my kiddos are a little more picky :).

  5. Follow Cavemomma on facebook and twitter. I preordered the book and love insight in the great paleo life. Luv to have a copy to share with friends to get them to understand the great recipe and feeling better

  6. I am new to Paleolithic and have pre-ordered this book hoping that it will be a guide to help me eat right and lose the last of this weight that I’ve been trying to lose for years. I have a few health issues and recently read The Wheat Belly which convinced me that wheat isn’t good for you and from that, I ended up reading more about the Paleo way of eating. I have several friends and co-workers that could also benefit from changing their food and lifestyle and if I were to win this book, I would give it to one of them in hopes that they can become healthy. I “liked” your page a week or two ago and will follow you on twitter as soon as I post this 🙂

  7. I would love to have a copy of this book because my family is new to this lifestyle and any information in a user friendly format would be a huge help! We liked you on facebook and following on Twitter. Thanks for doing this giveaway!

  8. With this book, I can learn more about about the practical side of paleo for people (aka my clients) who may not find it so “practical”. For me Paleo is a no-brainer, but it’s getting into the minds of others is what’s difficult. Any help I can get to learn more details about living the paleo way will help me and anyone else I come into contact with along the way will be so helpful 🙂 I hope whoever wins the book will learn a lot from it! Paleo~it~forward –>>

  9. Why would you even put-down your review of this book (twitter to Diane)? This is the best review I’ve read. Period.

    • Lara, Thank you. That was really sweet. I have been so exhausted and overwhelmed with emotion lately I just couldn’t focus. Also, the book has so many amazing things, it was hard to put it into words. Thanks again!!

  10. Really excited about this book! It has been getting great reviews all over the place. Thanks for sponsoring the giveaway and giving us such an indepth look at it!

  11. I’ve been paleofor two years but still trying to get family on board. This book would help me so much and give me new ideas for quick family friendly recipes.

  12. I shared, liked and would love to give to mil she has high cholesterol, blood pressure, and heart problems I know this book would be great for her and her health.

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