My CaveKid Introduction

 You all know my mother, CaveMomma, right? Well she’s going to be in school and at work a lot more so I’m going to help her run Cavemomma on Facebook and She’ll still be here but not as much, so I hope you all like me. 🙂

 To start, my name is KaLynn, or CaveKid, you can call me either one and I’ll answer. I’m 13 years young and the oldest of four. I have been listening to my mom talk about food and health for the past year and a half and found it very interesting. My mom says I’m creative and a great writer, I hope she’s right because I’ll be writing a lot. A few things I’ll be blogging about are influences, body image, peer pressure, and how to eat right in a place when you think there is no good food there. 

 I’m constantly around teens that don’t eat right and they think they are. I feel bad because they don’t get how much it effects their body, maybe not now, but when they’re older. It’s true that there is more influence to eat terribly than to try illegal substances. I’ll talk more about that too. A big part of my life is body image and I’m still trying to get over it, which I am slowly doing but it’s hard. I can write forever on that. I also have a lot of friends that have unhealthy foods that they eat at their house, and somehow I still manage to get through healthy. 

 I would love to answer any questions you guys have for me. I’m here to help. If your kids have questions, I’ll answer those. I love blog suggestions and feedback. Don’t be a ghost reader! I’m sorry this was so short, I promise they’ll be longer in the future. 

Image ImageImage


Picture 1:Me  |  Picture 2: Me holding my friend  |  Picture 3: Me hugging my friend

Picture 4: My eyeball  |  Picture 5: Me in front with friend  |  Picture 6: Me and a llama


11 thoughts on “My CaveKid Introduction

  1. Awesome post KaLynn!! Look forward to your writings, and yes you do write well. It’s an interesting perspective for sure coming from someone so young. I have twin 16 yr. old sons, and I am sure they can relate to your own teen pressures and issues as you embark on entering high school.

    Your Mom is an amazing woman, and it shows how awesome a Mom she is by trusting you with running her pages and allowing you to branch out on your own with your writings while she furthers her education to help you all live better lives!!

    Dr. Bacon is always in the CaveHOUSEHOLD corner! 😉


  2. Thank you KaLynn! It will be so great to hear you perspective on growing up Paleo. I wish I had been so lucky! I’m glad you have the courage to post on these topics as well. I do not think I was so brave at 13! Welcome and looking forward to further posts.

  3. I am very impressed with your 13 yr. old ability to express yourself so well! You are going to be a great role model for many young people. Good luck and have a lot of fun with this!

  4. Ok. I know that I’m your grandmother, but I have to say (impartially of course) that you are a rockstar. Seriously.

  5. KaLynn I agree with your grandmother: you ARE a rock star! Your writing is amazing- keep up the great work. You’re eloquent and concise- a rare trait among 13 year olds. I can’t wait to read more posts from you 🙂 Rock on girl!

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