CAVE Momma!

If you’re a Paleo Parent, I know from experience you’ve gone through this. People who don’t yet understand the Paleo lifestyle (or maybe even health in general) telling you that your kids “need a break” and you need to just “let the poor kid have some cake, geeezzz” or my all time overused favorite – “EVERYTHING is ok in moderation!!”  Really? Would you give your children poison, drugs, or alcohol – even in moderation? We now know that exposure to gluten just once in a while starts the inflammation and healing cycle all over again.

When an alcoholic gets sober, everyone rallies around them and tells them how proud they are. “Great job on your life change! We’re with you all the way, so proud!” Then, understanding the person needs the support, his/her good friends will not drink around the recovering friend. They create an environment to support the life change. They…

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