Day 30….AND COUNTING ;))

WOW! That went SO much faster than expected. I have a lot to tell you!  This is the first time I’ve gotten through 30 whole days, no Paleo “treats”, no cheat days, nothing.  Pure, perfect, clean eating. That is such an amazing victory, especially since I have had MANY dangerous opportunities to give in “just this once”. Brownie-weilding drug reps, company lunches, birthday parties…all the things I used to use as excuses…”I’ll start over after (insert ‘special’ occasion here)”.  After this month, all I can think is, “why?”  This isn’t some diet you go on and off. Vegans don’t eat meat “just this once”. People with peanut allergies don’t indulge in vats of peanut butter for just this one birthday party. Why the hell would I eat something, even just once, that I know will lead to bloating, stomach pain, and self-loathing? I won’t. That’s the greatest thing that has come of this month. I have learned my relationship with food was a crazy one, and I’m ready and ABLE to jump off that train.

I had a set of ground rules and ate accordingly. Every time I came across something that could have temped me (brownies and pizza are my biggest nemeses), I made a concious choice. I asked myself some questions. “Are you really even hungry right now?”  Most of the time the answer was no. I wasn’t hungry, but the food was whetting my APPETITE. If the answer was yes, I grabbed my lunch box and ate something -real food- that actually SATISFIED MY HUNGER and kept me full.  Victory. I have learned the difference between hunger and appetite. This is such a big deal I’m finding it hard to put into words. I truly believe with all the convenient stuff we somehow label as food surrounding us at all times, it is so easy to mistake that salivation of appetite for actual hunger, which is a built-in mechanism to tell us we need to refuel. I have also learned that this machine of mine runs much better on clean, pure, whole fuel. MUCH better. Here are some of the other ‘side effects’ of learning how to properly fuel:

I have fingernails-and I didn’t have to pay for them. I grew them all by myself. :O) This is a first for me and I’m pretty darn excited about it.

I fall asleep, stay asleep, and wake up refreshed. This helps momma function happily and properly. We all know what happens when momma aint happy…

I have my energy back. If you’re familiar with my daily routine at all, you’ll know this is vital. If you’re new here, THIS is my day to day…

My skin is clear. WOW!!! I have received so many comments about how great my skin looks. I have STOPPED WASHING IT. I lay a hot wet washcloth on my face at night and in the morning, I don’t use soap at all.It isn’t perfect, but it is 99% better in just one month of eliminating grain, sugar, and dairy.  I am stunned.

I have learned to use one of the greatest God-given gifts: The power of self-control. This is HUGE, and it has so many effects past just food consumption. It has spilled over into my daily life in things like how I choose to react to daily situations.   I could write a whole post on this….hmmmm….

My mood swings have all but left the building. Even when I do feel like getting upset, I am better able to control my responses. This has to do with the self-control, but also with the fact that I am down to one cup of coffee a day, and I don’t feel that bubbled up overwhelmed feeling anymore. What a freedom.  :))

I almost don’t even feel like posting my final “stats” for the Whole30, because the other things are so much more important, so much better than weight and measurements!!  But, a promise is a promise, so here they are:

Height: 5’6″            Weight: 124.5 (-7lb)       Waist: 27″ (-2″)        Hip: 31.5″ (-2.5″)       Thigh: 20″  (-1″)   Bodyfat %  Before was 25%.  Bodyfat now is 19.9%. SCORE.   In case you didn’t see the DAY 1 Post, here  it is

Yeah, not to shabby for 30 measly days. I still think that’s beans compared to all the other amazing effects. And I don’t plan on stopping. Bring on February birthday parties, Valentine’s day and all. I’ve got this.

I’d love to hear your Whole30 success story!!  Drop me a line here or on my Facebook page!  ~Cavemomma


17 thoughts on “Day 30….AND COUNTING ;))

  1. Wow! Way to go! You are an inspiration for me. I’m on day 6 and already lost 8 lbs. Hope to look as great as you! Congrats!

  2. Great Job and congratulations on your results. I’ve been Paleo for 13 months and been wanting to really tighten it up and do a Whole30. I need to lose my addiction to sugar!

  3. Very well done!
    Fantastic results! 😀

    I’m almost willing to do the whole 30 days. Especially when I read this post. Can’t imagine the feeling of waking up feeling refreshed.. Today, coffee were my best friend, again..

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  5. Wow congrats thats great, you look fabulous, I agree with you about staying commited, I have ibs and once I started the paleo diet I have felt alot better, i would never want to cheat and go back to feeling bloated all the time! what do you do for excercise?

    • Thanks so much, Kait! I work out 3-5 days per week in the early morning before anyone else gets up. I run 2x per week, and lift heavy the other 2-3 days. I split body parts between upper and lower body. Good luck to you!

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