Whole 30 Day 1: I can’t believe I’m doing this.

Ok, if you’re reading this, I swallowed really hard and hit “publish”. I am so not looking forward to this, but a promise is a promise and I’ll tell you this is one helluva way to keep myself accountable. I have taken my “before” pictures, and after letting myself completely indulge for the past 5 weeks, it is NOT  a pretty picture. I am absolutely mortified.  I was absolutely determined not to let my carb addiction beat me this holiday season, and was doing well up until “just a few slips” with treats the drug reps brought in…then I went on vacation. It is safe to say the addiction wiped the floor with me. Add to that I haven’t worked out  – maybe three times-and you have a recipe for disaster. It is my hope that by next holiday season, I’ll have gotten so far past all this I won’t have such a battle on my hands. I’ve quit smoking cold turkey, and that was hard. I can do this. So can you.

The thing is, more than the weight gain, I feel like CRAP. Moody, tired, YUCKY. I thought day one would be really hard for me, but I think I ate so much junk that I’m actually CRAVING real food. I was really geared up and ready to start today. As promised, Journal day 1:

Went to bed around 2am, so we slept until 10am. Hard. I felt ready to rock when we woke up this morning. 2 cups of coffee (normally half a pot), not at all hungry, so I decided not to eat but instead did  a 20 minute oil-pull and brushed with my homemade toothpaste. Then we went out and played in the pool for a couple of hours. Being outside in the sunshine was SO refreshing. Made lunch for the little one but still wasn’t hungry so I made our meal plans and grocery list for the week, watched the Lions beat themselves at football while folding laundry and cleaning the house, and put my gym clothes on.  David grilled some huge steaks and we ate those along with an avocado around 3pm. That was it..I wasn’t hungry the rest of the day. After running the kids everywhere they needed to go and grocery shopping at 2 stores, I got the kids settled in and hit the gym at 8pm for 30 minutes (and 3 miles) of HIIT hill sprints. I got my before pics, tried not to cry and vomit, then took my weight and measurements. Day one complete. I guess it’s time to face the music.

Day 1: Height: 5’6″.  Weight: 131.5 ; Waist: 29″;  Hip 34″ (holy hell.), Thighs 21.5″.  Biggest I’ve been since right after I had my last baby. OUT. OF. CONTROL. More importantly, this has been the moodiest, most exhausted I’ve been in months.

And now the hard part. Here you go. I can’t wait to see the progress picture January 30th. Come along with me, will you? ~Cavemomma


21 thoughts on “Whole 30 Day 1: I can’t believe I’m doing this.

  1. I am right there with you! You could have inserted my name in place of yours. I also went to bed at 2pm and got up at 10. Have been doing laundry and cleaning house. Grocery shopped and walked in the sunshine. It hasn’t been very nice here so today was a relief. I am so proud of you for taking pictures. I weighed and took measurements. I have put on like 8 pound over Christmas add that to the 18 I’ve put on over the last 10 months and I’ve got 24 to lose. But I’m ready! I’m keeping a food log, writing down feelings and workouts. Thank you for posting…it makes me feel not so alone. Here’s to the next 30 days!

  2. I’m with you 100%. I didn’t go back to grain and dairy but I definitely ate refined sugar and I’m sick now (with a cold) because of it, not to mention carrying around 4 extra pounds I swore I would never regain. The next 29 days will be completely ON plan. Decision is MADE.You’re beyond awesome for making yourself accountable. You’re going to do awesome!!!

  3. Cavemomma, be encouraged! You already look great, even if you gained some during these last few weeks of cheating. If you were standing tall and smiling, you would be my goal for an after picture! I do not feel able to commit to a Whole30 yet, but will be *trying* to do 100% Primal during the week, while allowing some non-Primal foods on the weekends. Please inspire me this month!!

  4. Y’all are so awesome! I’m going to start a blog separate from my STRONG IS THE NEW SKINNY blog just for this as well. I feel so behind but I’m starting tomorrow no matter what! Anything really great…is worth working for! WE…our bodies…and the way we feel…is worth a lil embarrassment and work and sacrifice! LET’S DO THIS!

  5. The whole 30 almost scares me more than spiders……I’m going to try to not do it, but do it (Jedi mind trickery) and see how it goes. we’re behind ya girl, you got this.

  6. Be kind to yourself. Although they may not be your ideal, those numbers aren’t that bad. There are many women who would kill for a 34-inch hips. I certainly understand, though, the desire to feel healthy again and like you are taking the best care of yourself. You are very brave to put yourself “out there.” I have no doubt you very quickly will be back to your old self. Will be sending you only good thoughts.

    • Davina, thank you. You’re right, I do need to be kinder to myself. I think much of my disappointment comes from my lack of discipline, not so much my body. Thank you for your support!

  7. I can’t wait to see that pretty smile of yours in your ‘after’ pictures ❤ It's ok to be hard on yourself sometimes when you know you should be doing better, that's called holding yourself accountable…but after 1 day of clean eating all of that needs to be let go! 1 day is all it takes for the beginning of a reset, let's do this Momma! Gonna be lookin fiiiiine in that bikini while we're in Cayman! 😉 oxo

  8. I’m glad you posted this as I’m ready to get back on track after the holidays over indulges too. I will be checking your posts for updates:)

  9. You got this!!! You’re not alone!! I had the worst month of my Paleo lifestyle since the switch so I definitely know how you feel!! I have not posted my 8 month results, as I’ve been procrastinating them, but ya know, I will tomorrow, and started again clean yesterday!! Back on track!! That’s all we can do, and now that we know how, it’s not as difficult as SAD life was!

    I’m with ya!! Love you Cavemomma!!


  10. Oh yeah… I hear ya. I had so nice backup plans this year. Raw chocolate. Homemade marzipan with agave. Peppermint balls with sukrin, no sugar. But then it slipped. BIG TIME. I had three final exams with the last one the 19th, no time for preparing much, exhausted in every way… and then the bowl of potato chips landed in front of me, like magic. Bibbedi-bobbedi-boo. Cinderella in reverse.

    I’m still sitting here with a glass of coke, energy levels way down, and, I suspect, weight gain as well. I haven’t even dared to check yet.

    So what I’ve done now, is to use my free account on Getresponse.com, and mail myself a future Easter message, telling the future me exactly how crappy I feel now, and that I’m not allowed to do this to us ever again. It’s set to post a few days before the holiday starts. Hopefully I will read it and listen when the time comes. 😉

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