Week 2 Meal Plans, as promised!

Sunday Morning Planning

I  hope that you were able to use last weeks meal plan and shopping list! I was very excited to see how many of you thought it helpful. This inspired me to keep going, as long as it’s helping you. I hope that after a few weeks, you’ll start to see it’s not hard to do, and you’ll venture out to other Paleo and Primal websites to get your own ideas about what you’d like to make and start your own plan! I’d love to hear about it if you do. One of the things I hear a lot in the Paleo newbie circle is “I need variety! This is so restrictive!!”  I can tell you that when we were eating the Standard American Diet (SAD), we ate very little variety. It was the same go-to meals week after week. Now, I am learning how to experiment a little and I’m LOVING the variety! As you’ll notice, I still have some easy fall-back meals we use every week, mostly because they’re crock pot meals and I have school some nights, it just makes it better for the hubby and kids.

Get on with it already! Ok, ok, here it is!

Mon: Breakfast-Egg muffins    Lunch-Deli rollups, salad, 1/2 avocado    Dinner- Tacos on iceberg lettuce cups

Tue: Breakfast-Egg muffins    Lunch-Leftover Taco salad or an “unwich”  (romaine wrapped deli meat and veggies, with an avocado spread), and a 1/2 avocado   Dinner-GrokPot pulled pork and sweet taters :0)

Wed: Breakfast-Smoothies (Kids love smoothies!)  Lunch-Leftover Pork    Dinner-Meatloaf and slaw

Thur: Breakfast-Hardboiled Eggs and homemade Larabars(kids)  Lunch-Leftover Meatloaf/slaw

Dinner–B.O.A.R.S stuffed chicken from Civilized Caveman Cooking, and Cauli-rice

Friday: (Again, for me Fridays are fasting Fridays. I eat dinner Thursday night and eat dinner Friday :))

Dinner- Meatsa (Friday night fun with the kids!)

Saturday and Sunday: Grill BBQ Chicken and Burgers/Chicken sausages with the kids. Veggies, fruit salad, slaw… Big Breakfast and midday BBQ, then we’re good for the day!

We like coconut milk smoothies (I found Golden Star Coconut milk at Wal-Mart in the asian food section, the only ingredients are coconut and water. This is what you want – no additives or emulsifiers like Guar Gum)

Golden Star Coconut Milk

Shopping List:  3-4 cans Golden Star Coconut milk (1.39/ea.), Nitrate Free/GF/filler free deli meat (we eat Boar’s head or Applegate farms), 1 Pork loin, 4-5 Lb ground grass-fed (if you can) beef, 2 lb of free range organic chicken breasts (or a big bag of frozen. Do what you CAN.), 3 dozen cage-free organic eggs, 3-4 lb nitrate free GF uncured bacon, 1 head iceberg lettuce, 2 heads org. romaine, 1 package org. baby spinach, 2-3 not ripe avocado, One head red cabbage, 1 mango, 6 large organic apples, 1-2 large onions (I still have 1/2 a bag organic onions in my pantry), One can organic crushed tomatoes with jalapeno, or buy it fresh and crush it yourself), One can organic tomato sauce, pepperoni, shredded mozz if you do cheese, 2 zucchini, broccoli, cauliflower, assorted seasonal fruit,  extra veggies for salads (to your liking), one bag unsweetened shredded coconut, and some assorted NUTS (NOT PEANUTS.) for snacking.

Some of this stuff I still have in my pantry or fridge from last week, and you may want to look around to see what you have, then make a list working from what’s already there. Some things I ALWAYS have stocked are :

Coconut oil, EVOO, Fresh garlic, spices, Coconut flour, Almond meal, coconut vinegar.

I hope this helps you this week! Let me know what changes or additions you made! I’m looking forward to hearing from you!!

~ Cavemomma


12 thoughts on “Week 2 Meal Plans, as promised!

  1. Where do you find your Boar’s Head or Applegate deli meat?

    Btw, I have really enjoyed your blog. i am a Paleo newbie. 🙂

    • Thank you so much! The unsweetened coconut is for several things. Smoothies, trail mix (nuts an shredded coconut), and any Paleo baked treat I may throw together this week 🙂

  2. Hey girl…how do you make your egg muffins? i finally looked up your blog and LOVE it! you are helping so many people! we have been eating like this for over 2 years now, but I never knew it was called something. haha! always love new ideas!

  3. HI there! We here at Golden Star were so happy to see a different and yummy use for our Golden Star Coconut Milk – if you have a smoothie recipe you’d like to share please share it with us on our Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/GoldenStarFoods. Like us and post your recipe and we’d be happy to send you some more Golden Star Coconut Milk and other Golden Star products for you to try.

    All the best,
    The Golden Star Family

    • Wow, I am honored to hear from your company. I love Golden Star coconut milk because it is made from only two ingredients, coconut and water. Most coconut milks have thickeners and emulsifiers like guar gum in them and we prefer to eat nothing but whole foods. There are thousands of people in the U.S. that are following the Paleo nutrition way of life, and we always love finding products that support whole food nutrition. I would love to do a write-up blog review of your products, especially your coconut milk. I would like it very much if you were in more stores than just Wal-mart, such as Super Target and Publix. I recently bought an entire case from Walmart for our Paleo Thanksgiving dinner because I make whipped cream and all my pies and cakes from it. I also make pancakes and smoothies with it and a lot of people use it as coffee creamer in place of dairy. This is the only one of your products we’ve used, but I would be very interested in trying more. You can email me at Cavemomma@gmail.com or comment here. Thank you again for contacting me.
      Nichole Wherry, The Cavemomma

  4. Interesting post. I do have great quantities to go, and while I’ve dabbled with different eating plans, I haven’t really found one that I can stick to. Does it help to do some paleo meals, or is it a bit more all/nothing?

    • Jess, thanks for reading! Yes, Paleo is more of an all-or-nothing but once you get the concepts it’s pretty easy. A wide variety of food, tons of support…again, I suggest reading the mentioned books or visiting marksdailyapple.com or everydaypaleo.com for good info and help. 🙂 good luck!

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