Cavemomma Meal Planning and shopping lists

It has come to my attention that being paleo-healthy is HARD. Too much work. Too CONFUSING. So, to take some of the guesswork out of it for you busy bees, I have decided to post a weeks worth of meal plans and grocery list. If I can make this work in my CRAZY BUSY life, so can you.  I hope this helps you figure out how to do this easily, and that it gives you some insight on how easy this really can be. It does take a little planning, but anything worth doing usually does. Feel free to mix and match and add your own ideas (please comment if you do, I’m ALWAYS looking for new things and input)..or, for you really confused types, follow it to the letter. I’ll have another week’s worth up next Sunday.

Egg Muffins


MON: Breakfast – Egg muffins           Lunch- Deli roll ups, salad, half avocado     Dinner- Roast, red taters/carrots   (Snack : apple or almonds.)

TUES: Breakfast-Egg muffins             Lunch-Leftover roast and veggies                 Dinner-Crockpot Pork and sweet potato       (Snack-Macadamias or jerky)

WEDS:Breakfast-Baked Bacon           Lunch-Leftover Pork, Salad                            Dinner-Crockpot Meatballs over premade spaghetti squash or zucchini

THUR:Breakfast-Garbage Omelette   Lunch-Leftover Meatballs                             Dinner-Fried Chicken and sweet potato fries

FRI: “fasting Friday”…Intermittent fasting day for me – 6pm Thu – 5 pm Fri       Dinner-Meatsa and a salad                          Snack on mixed nuts or fruit.

For the rest of the family: Boiled eggs for breakfast and deli rollups with a salad for lunch..

Saturday and Sunday : Always a big bacon, Egg, and sometimes coconut flour pancake breakfast (skip those if losing weight).. Leftovers and deli rolllups/salads for lunch. Or, I’ll make a big batch of *chicken salad* and we’ll scoop that onto romaine wraps. Dinners: GRILL! Bunless burgers, steaks, italian chicken sausages, Rotisserie chickens, etc. Yes, we grill year ’round…this is S. Florida…but even if it wasn’t, I’d find a way…..

Grocery List for WEEK 1:

Zucchini (3-4), Organic spinach, organic broccoli(2 heads), green onions, 3 avocado, cauliflower, organic apples, sweet potatoes (4 lg.), raw almonds, macadamia nuts, Organic romaine lettuce, one lg. spaghetti squash, red bell peppers (2), organic fresh garlic, organic baby carrots, large white onion…3 dozen free range/pastured eggs, 4 lb. uncured nitrate/nitrite free bacon, one grassfed beef roast, one pastured pork loin, 4 lb grassfed ground beef, 2 cans organic tomato sauce, one sm. can organic tomato paste, 2 cans coconut milk (gold star. no guar gum or additives, just coconut and water.)  sliced pepperoni, 2lb deli meats (Boars head no filler/gluten free/nitrate free).   Other: seasonal fruits and veggies I can cut up and put in a veggie/fruit tray for snacking.  My grocery bill for feeding 6 people is usually right around $160-$190 (depending on how much “other” non-food stuff I need).

Preparation is key 😉

SUNDAY PREPLANNING can be crucial to make sure you get through the week. I make the egg cupcakes Sunday night and Weds. night and put them in the fridge for easy grabbing/microwaving. Get the egg cupcake recipe *here*. I also cut up and wash my salad veggies and put them into tupperware/ziplock containers in the fridge for easy grabbing. I cook the spaghetti squash at 350° for 1 hour and scoop out the “noodles” for refrigeration. This way, when I grab the meatballs  out of the crockpot tuesday night, all I have to do is heat the “noodles” in the microwave for a few minutes. Set reminders the night before to set out meats for thawing or don’t freeze them. This avoids the excuses. Sunday evening, I season my beef roast , set it in the crockpot with cut potatoes and carrots. This way, Monday morning all there is to do is pull it out, plug it in, and set the temp/timer. Same goes for the Pork monday night/tuesday morning. Tuesday night I’ll make the meatballs (2lb ground beef, 1 egg, garlic, basil, oregano, black pepper, salt -mix with hands, make balls, set in crockpot. Yep, it’s that easy!)   and do the same thing with the crockpot..Have I mentioned how much I depend on that thing?? It’s just awesome to come home to dinner already made! Sunday night is also for cutting up the veggie/fruit/nuts for snacking. All this prep takes about 2-3 hours, but saves SO MUCH TIME during the crazy workweek.

I hope you found this helpful! Let me know how I can improve this list for next week! I’m always listening 🙂 *      ~Cavemomma


13 thoughts on “Cavemomma Meal Planning and shopping lists

  1. This is great. I love seeing how others plan their weeks to feed their families. The egg cupcakes look like a great idea – especially for my two little boys. I’ve never made them but looks like they’ll be on our menu this week. THanks!

  2. OMG!! That is so fantastic! I have a hubby who really wants/needs to lose weight and I have two children, a daughter 12, who also needs to change her eating but fights me all the time and a 9 year old son who will do whatever I suggest. I am going to use this and try to implement it into my kitchen. Thank you so much, I have been playing with Paleo for almost 2 years and can never seem to go fully on board. If this doesn’t work then I am doomed 🙂

  3. this is awesome and the fact that you gave it away for free when so many people are trying to make money off this trend is very nice too….do you also do glueton free stuff??

  4. I am just starting this Paleo/Primal eating and am having a hard time with it…. so this is VERY VERY helpful. I am glad I ran across your blog and will be awaiting next weeks meal plan as well.
    This is exactly what I need right now. THANK YOU!!!

  5. From one busy Momma to another, Thank you!!!! Trying to transition my family to a Paleo lifestyle right now and this is so helpful!

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