The proof is in the….Bacon

Before I ever read Robb Wolf’s amazing book “The Paleo Solution”, I was offering thirty day challenges for all my Facebook friends. The idea was to get a group of people who wanted to get healthy to be accountable to me for 30 days and see how much weight/how many inches we could lose, and how much better we could feel by doing it together. People were getting amazing results. Turns out accountability is the best diet ever, especially when paired with the Paleo lifestyle. This past month, I had a pretty special group of people, and it even included the amazing BIG TIM.  The last day was today, and as we do every week, we had a check-in. Here’s what I heard from one of them- my ‘twin’ cousin Megan. We are exactly 6 weeks apart in age, and we grew up very close.  While we live 1400 miles apart, she’ll always be the sis  I never had. I’m super proud of her, and so happy for her family!!
Megan, in her own words:
Wow, it’s been 30 days already? Where to start? Well, I think for some people, they need to hit a “rock bottom” type of position before they realize that it’s not something that they “have” to do, but something that they “need” to do.What it’s NOT: It’s not a “get slim quick diet”. It’s not something you do for 30 days then quit. It’s not magical (but it sure is close). Oh and it’s NOT DIFFICULT.

What it IS: It is a lifestyle.

I think it was Everyday Paleo (not sure though) who had an article about people complaining that “this wasn’t working for them” and I really liked her reply. Write down everything you put into your mouth. Take a look at it. You’ll be surprised.

I summed it up like this. And this analogy seems to give the men a little perspective. Think of your body and what you put in it like this: Sell everything you have. Go out and buy a $350,000 Lexus LFA. Fill the gas tank up with vegetable oil. Throw in a bag of sugar while you’re at it. Take it for its initial spin around the block. GASP, WHEEZE, SPUTTER…yea, then see what happens. Any guesses? You’d destroy the vehicle. It’d be useless. Worthless. Done. Dead. And you’d be left with nothing cause you sold everything to afford the car. Well, that’s the SAME THING you’re doing to your body. Once you destroy everything you have, you can’t get it back. Period.

I’m happy to say since starting this I’m down 23 pounds. (In ONE month!!) I have no idea about inches cause when I started this my goal was not for myself. However, I have dropped at least 2 sizes. I used to have insomnia something FIERCE. Now, I sleep great (kinda like before I had kids). My stress levels have dropped immensely. I used to snack on mini wheats (cause I thought they were healthy). Now I know better (I no longer have IBS either, in case you all wanted to know that). I could go on and on.

For me, the weight loss was a great side effect, so I call it. And so many ppl focus on JUST that which is why they fall for the “get slim quick” diets and pills. Skinny does not equal healthy. Did you all hear me? SKINNY DOES NOT EQUAL HEALTHY! One of my best friends is a toothpick. Everyone is so envious, “OMG you’re so skinny I hate you…” What they don’t know is that she dropped 80 pounds like a bad habit due to acid reflux and several other digestive issues. Nobody could figure out what was wrong with her. Her Mom thought she was bulimic. She literally lived on her bathroom floor. She still has the issues to this day (although under control with medication) and I keep trying to tell her that even though she thinks she eats healthy, she’s not and needs to change. But I’m not one to preach.

I don’t know about you, but I’m not a pill popper. I hate taking medicine. I’d rather NOT have to take medicine for the rest of my life if I could help it. So, for me, feeling as great as I do after 30 days is the BEST part of all of this and I don’t wanna look back. I don’t think to myself, “oh that one small batch of vinegar fair fries, cotton candy, and an elephant ear isn’t gonna effect the scales THAT much…” What I think is, “I know how great I feel right now and if I eat that, I’ll wanna lie down and let the elephants trample me.” Kinda like going out and drinking way too much…the next day you feel like crap.

So that was the sum of my 30 days 😀:D And it won’t end here that’s for sure. I hope it doesn’t end for all of you either.

I hope this inspires you if you’re on the fence about trying Paleo for thirty days.  You should know, it will change your life…and after 30 days, you’ll probably be hooked. 🙂
Paleo Love, ~ Cavemomma



3 thoughts on “The proof is in the….Bacon

  1. Love this post!! I just started Primal/Paleo about 6 weeks ago and I also feel so great that I don’t wanna go back 🙂 I hate that feeling you get in your gut after you ate something bad and your body makes sure you know about it! The body never stops amazing me and if we take care of it and just listen to it; It will tell us exactly what it wants! Thanks again for another great post! Keep up the great work 🙂
    Best Regards~ Meaghan

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