A “Dear John” letter from Cavemomma…

Dear “I can’t”,

We have had a long and difficult relationship, and we’ve been through a lot together. Arguments, fits, and hatred for each other. I believe it is time to draw the line in the sand and just move on. Enough is enough. I know you are holding me back and I am tired of it. You have come between me and my goals too many times, and it doesn’t seem to matter to you what the goal is; working out, eating nutritious food, studying to get good grades, getting up at 5am to get things done, etc. You’re always in my way. NO MORE.

This relationship is nothing but a LIE anyway. It turns out, when I choose not to listen to you, I end up feeling a thousand times better. I accomplish feats of greatness and I believe in myself. I am stronger. I know you’re going to try to come back time and again, that’s just your nature. You should know that I have something new in my life. I’ve left you behind for “I CAN and I WILL.” These are your enemies, I know, but they lift me up and give me courage while all you do is hold me down. ~

So, “I can’t”, this is goodbye.  Because I can. and I WILL.



3 thoughts on “A “Dear John” letter from Cavemomma…

  1. OMG…..this is powerful. I admire you for daring to post it, but that will help you stay with your decision. Have myself wanted to post similar content but never gone through with it. Can not quite figure out if it is negative or positive. Right now I am happy but tomorrow it can all be different. I have threatened to leave my husband many times, and meaning it, and slowly it is getting more tolerable. Why do I let this go on? Because, against my common sense, I love him and always will.
    I hope things work out for you, whatever the end!

  2. OK…..guess I was a little tired here….evening in Europe:-)
    I get it….it is not your husband you are referring to but the devil inside you. Sorry about the mistake

    • You don’t need to apolgise! You applied what you were reading to your (dare I say unhealthy?) situation. It’s perfectly understandable..and it does apply. Maybe it’s the boost you need to empower yourself. 🙂

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