Brother Aaron, an update….:) (Major critic to loving the Paleo life..)

If you haven’t read my earlier blog about my very skeptical-about-paleo younger brother, Aaron, I encourage you to go do that now. I’ll wait……NO? Ok, I’ll repost it. Along with his 30 day update.

My ‘little’ brother, Aaron, and I got into a bit of a back and forth recently about the Paleo diet (diet, of course, meaning nutrition plan, not temporary weight loss fad). I was ranting on about watching a certain TV show regarding food in schools, and he was quick to point out that “we survived” which got me thinking. Did we? Looking around at my generation and our children, I would say “survived” might be about it. We are certainly not thriving, and we are only in our early 30’s. How long til we are the ones at the doc’s office getting our blood pressure and cholesterol meds, and testing (and being positive for?) Type 2 Diabetes? At the rate we’re going, not long. But that’s “a normal part of aging” right? Common, unfortunately, but not normal. We spit arguments back and forth ranging from school lunch to whether or not sugar addiction was real, to the ongoing and over-used “everything in moderation” debate. I finally decided to just let it go. My brother and his wife are extremely healthy people, they exercise and feed their kids well, and if carbs are still working for them, I just need to back off. Fast forward 2 weeks. I was at a bookstore looking for the book “Everyday Paleo” when I ran across Robb Wolf’s book “The Paleo Solution” instead. I sat down with my tall cup of black coffee and read the first chapter. Then the second. Then the third. I was hooked. This wasn’t some crazy diet book zealot. This guy was legit. He’s got a Masters in Biochem. He gets it, and he explains it well. Sweet.That evening, I downloaded the rest of the book on Kindle, then something made me think of my bro. He’s so super-logical. I’m so easily sold. If I could get him to just read a few pages, maybe he’d show me where I was overboard. Maybe I was missing something because I was sold on how I felt. Maybe it was all in my head. So, I took a chance and sent him a text. “Would you humor me? Download the free sample of this book on kindle. It’s the first 2 chapters. Then tell me what you think”. He came back with “ok, but I’m coming at this very critically.” I knew that was coming. He had already told me he doesn’t believe in any diet that eliminates a whole ‘food group’. Well, I guess I’ll know soon…it was worth a shot. So, the next afternoon, I got a text from my brother that said “interesting”. ..oh boy. Then he went on to tell me he bought the rest of the book and he and Sarah and the girls were going to try it for the 30 days. Well, that’s a victory. Now, to see how they feel after 30 days..still wondering if this is all just me…Within a day, I was getting texts and Facebook messages from both of them. They had always eaten what we’re led to believe is healthy, but cutting out sweets, dairy, and grain had already made a difference. Now, it’s day 6. I’ll let them tell you in their own words:

Aaron: “Basically, we eat fairly healthy, and thought we were doing well. Always skeptical of diets, I read the first chapter of “The Paleo Solution” at your request. The sections on depression and inflammation caught my attention,(as well as the guy’s credentials) we bought the book and decided to try it for 30 days. We’re a couple of days in, and my joint pain is gone, the kids moods have improved, and everyone is sleeping better.”

Ummm…WOW. So, I asked Sarah to write me and tell me how it was going in her eyes.

Sarah: “I’ve always been a bit of a health nut. I knew all the “rules” of healthy eating and, for the most part, I followed them religiously. However, lately I’ve been wondering where my energy went after 3 P.M. I would drink coffee with cream and sugar and eat high carbohydrate foods to try to combat my energy slumps – to no avail. I’ve also been noticing a marked difference in the attitudes and behavior of my daughters after they ate sugary treats. My husband and I read The Paleo Solution and decided to try it for 30 days. We’re only 6 days in and the difference it’s made has been remarkable! My husband has had chronic back/neck pain and achy knees for a long time and all that pain and discomfort is completely gone! My energy is through the roof and I no longer feel the need for caffeine in the afternoons. Also, my daughters cleaned their bedroom without being asked! Coincidence? Maybe. Maybe not. All I can say is, if these past 6 days are an indication of what Paleo living is about, we’re IN!”

That was 30 days ago. Last night, I spoke to him again. He told me he emailed me the 30 day update pictures a day early because he just couldn’t wait. Mind you, he wasn’t extremely overweight to begin, but the pictures after only 29 days were incredible. He told me that the pain is all but gone throughout his body, especially his chest. That the depression bouts he dealt with were gone. His focus improved. It wasn’t about the weight loss, In fact, he hadn’t even added any exercise. He just felt…better. I can’t tell you how happy I am for him and his family. Sarah is cooking all kinds of new paleo recipes, and the girls are learning healthy habits they can carry into their future.
I have just added the photo: 60 days Paleo, as an update!

I hope this encourages you to try this for 30 days and see the awesome changes you can have in your own health and the health of your family!! Please send me any inspiring stories! ~Cavemomma


11 thoughts on “Brother Aaron, an update….:) (Major critic to loving the Paleo life..)

  1. Awesome Nichole!!! Another conversion!! I am very happy for your brother and his family!! That’s all we ask…give it 30 days!! It will change your life forever!! 🙂

  2. This gives me a little spring in my step!! How exciting and such fabulous news!! So true 30 days and you’ll never look back….hard to imagine we settled and accepted the way we felt as ‘normal’!! Will be repost this for sure!!

  3. I can see abs comming! Tell Aron and Sarah that they are lucky to discover this before serious ill health hit them. I’m so happy for the whole family.

  4. I can see the abs too, but the slimming of the face is the big tip-off. I’ve been (not all that strict) paleo for 4 months now, and before the scale said much or my jeans said anything, the waning moon face had people asking if I’d lost weight. I figure it’s the inflammation, but can’t substantiate that.
    The Paleo Solution converted my (64yo, T1 diabetic) dad too. Woop for keeping our personal tribes happy and healthy and around a little longer, right?

  5. Wow, what an amazing transformation! You can just see how bright and alive his face is by day 29. I have to say as I read this I thought “yeah but how much exercise is he doing” cause I’m looking at those abs like I wanna go paleo but he must put in hours working out… wowzers! I’ve been spending alot of time researching, reading, trying to find information and resources to transition myself and my family to a paleo lifestyle. What an amazing sales pitch your brothers transformation is! Congrats!

    • I really used to work out a TON when I was eating the SAD, but now I’m down to 3-4 days per week, and look better than ever 🙂 I’m proud of Aaron. Good luck to you, I hope you find the Paleo lifestyle to be as enjoyable as I do 🙂

  6. WOW!!!! Those photos are enough to make me try again 🙂 I made it to 21 days my first time out, but then the “emotional stress eating” of “comfort foods” took over and I fell off the wagon, so to speak. Time to get up, dust myself off, and try again; as I know I had so much more energy during my first 21-day try than I have at this very moment. Congratulations to your brother and his family for making the switch and sharing his photos with everyone 🙂

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