CaveKid speaks: A note from my kiddo :0)

 I am the oldest kid of thee CaveMomma, the first CaveKid! I’m writing this because my momma has noticed a bunch of complainers about how your kids wont eat the food you give them. REALLY?!?!?! I honestly am confuzzled. I like the food a lot. Except the spaghetti, I hate spaghetti,(even WITH noodles instead of squash)  but that’s just me.

The reason why I don’t freak out over the food is because I feel a lot healthier around my friends. Ever since I’ve been eating healthy I’ve noticed something. Whenever I eat corn, pizza, pancakes, or bread, my stomach hurts and its hard to sleep, so I usually I eat healthy around them and they sometimes do the same. What about the sugary foods? They don’t seem good at all to me. (but I do have a weekness for ice cream).

For the adults who are afriad, or wont feed their kids CaveMomma foods: THEY. ARE. KIDS. They eat what’s in front of them or they can starve. It’s really that simple. Start feeding them at least the healthy stuff twice a week then three times a week, and so on. That’s what my CaveMomma did. Now look at me. (;

That’s really all there is to say. Now you know what it’s like bein’ a CaveKid, not that bad.

BYE!!! ❤


9 thoughts on “CaveKid speaks: A note from my kiddo :0)

  1. Awesome post!! Great work!! My little 7 yr old is the same! He can feel (and tells me) the difference when he eats things sugary or with grains!! Wise words – Its a parents responsibility to lead by example!! 🙂

  2. As much as you think they can’t possibly live without bread or granola bars or whatever, they’ll be ok. I packed my 7 yr old lunch box with turkey, a slice of fake cheese (milk allergy 😦 ), trail mix, fruit….so nervous that he would totally shun it (he would live off pasta if he could) and he loved it!! In fact asked for more sliced turkey! yay!!!

  3. Ha! I love this! While my family and I are still very early in the process of eating clean/ considering Paleo, my 5 year old son is probably the most advanced eater in his preschool class. He’s one of the few who has leftover grilled chicken and vegetables in his lunch instead of hot dogs and mac & cheese. It makes me proud to have a kid who will eat real food!

  4. Sounds really great. I see that the advise is to let the picky eater eat or starve. Then what if he chooses to starve and then the next day throws up because his stomach couldn’t handle the starving? It’s just not that simple to let a kid starve… He is seven now. Did this “test” a few years ago.. Not very tempting to repeat this. His baby brother is 3,5 and just as picky, but still being nursed so he gets some good nutrition at least. By the way, we have a ten year old who eats almost everything. It would be so easy if all my kids were that easygoing, but here we are with three boys. One doesn’t care much about sweets and grains, while the other two are a nightmare when it comes to healthy food that could make them more happy and easy going like their big brother. This really takes a lot of energy to cope with.
    Some advice anyone? Please?

    Greetings from a scandinavian mom

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